At Element Wellness and Sports Rehabilitation, your chiropractic physician will perform a thorough history and evaluation to discover the root cause of your pain, not simply chase your symptoms.  The thoroughness of our evaluations will help us to find the correct diagnosis, and therefore, provide you with an accurate and specific treatment plan.  Your treatment strategy will then be tailored to fit your individual health concern(s) and your goals.  We believe the best way to help an adjustment hold longer, is to provide an appropriate amount of soft tissue work to your muscles, fascia, and nervous system.  We will also teach you an exercise program that will facilitate any soft tissue or spinal corrections and reinforce the motor control necessary for continued improvement toward your goals.  This will be a team effort between you and your chiropractor. 




Chiropractic adjustments

A deliberate mechanical force delivered through a thrust in a precise direction to a specific segment in order to normalize spinal and joint positioning and movement in order to relieve pressure, pain, and dysfunction.

Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

During the evaluation process and with each assessment, we will observe and assess your 7 fundamental movement patterns. This provides us with a method of systematically finding the cause, source, and driver of your pain or movement dysfunction. 

Active Release Technique

A movement-based soft tissue technique designed to treat muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves.  The main goal of this technique is to establish proper motion by reducing fibrous adhesions that form with acute or traumatic injuries, and over-use injuries.


We use a modern method of cupping, employing static and sliding techniques, to stimulate blood flow to a specific region for increased circulation, calming the nervous system, and removing excess fluid and toxins.

Kinesio Taping

Can be applied when we need to help the body assist movement patterns during the healing process and to improve circulation.