As physical therapists are considered movement experts in the medical field, we are best suited to assist you on your journey toward greater health and wellness through exercise.  Intelligent, consistent exercise that is safe and appropriate to your current fitness level has been shown to increase energy, decrease stress, and improve overall physical and mental health.  Our wellness program consists of one-on-one sessions with a PT who will assess your current fitness level and movement patterns and then partner with you to design a workout program that is specifically customized to your needs and fitness goals. At Element, we value good technique, encouraging feedback that motivates you, and safe exercise progression based on your fitness level. Depending on your comfort and interest, we can incorporate any or all of the following:  body-weight functional training, balance training on dynamic surfaces, free weights, cable machines, TRX® suspension, weighted squat training, and pilates exercises on various types of STOTT PILATES® equipment.


Medical insurance typically covers care when there is specific pain, weakness, or decreased range of motion that impacts your ability to complete everyday activities. Our wellness program facilitates progression beyond the limits of a rehabilitation program.  We will hold you accountable for your health and assist you as you work toward improved strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, power, and endurance.  Some of our clients prefer to start or continue their wellness program while concurrently seeing their PT for rehabilitation in order to maintain their fitness and safely exercise while recovering from injury.  Other clients start their wellness program after being discharged from rehabilitation in order to work toward safely incorporating a regular, independent fitness routine. We also work with non-rehab clients anywhere along the fitness spectrum – from those who are looking to improve their balance to avoid falling to clients training for a race or competition, and everyone in between. The goal is to provide you with optimum levels of functional strength, neuromuscular efficiency, and stabilized length with an emphasis on core stability and injury prevention as you transition into independent programs at home or at your local gym.


Wellness Program Rates

Personal Training with a Physical Therapist


Single Session: $125 

5 Session Package: $500 ($100/session)

10 Session Package: $850 ($85/session)

Personal Training with a Trainer (PT consultation and 1:1 session with PT every 5th session)

Single Session: $95 

5 Session Package: $425 ($85/session)

10 Session Package: $750 ($75/session)


Personal Training with a Trainer

Single Session: $80 

5 Session Package: $350 ($70/session)

10 Session Package: $650 ($65/session)