Manual therapy helps to create a change in your body by lengthening soft tissues, re-aligning bones and joints, and giving your body the opportunity to shift into better alignment and improved movement patterns. We use hands-on techniques and different tools to sense restrictions and limitations in your body and our hands receive information, either directly through touch or indirectly through the instruments we use, as we are treating the restriction itself.  

Chronic soft tissue problems are often due to scarring or degeneration, which commonly result in pain and limitations in movement.  The body naturally lays down some scar tissue in response to irritation or injury, so the biggest sources of pain can come from scar tissue that forms inside the body – around joints, muscles, tendons and/or ligaments. The fibrous, strong scar tissue is meant to reinforce an area, but often it ends up restricting movement and causing pain.  We use different methods, such as ASTYM®  and Graston Technique®, to regenerates healthy soft tissues and eliminate or reduce this unwanted scar tissue. 

We also use different taping techniques to promote changes we want to maintain or facilitate in your body. Kinesio® Taping involves the use of a stretchy tape that provides proprioceptive training, posturing, or neuromuscular reeducation for the purpose of improving body mechanics or inhibiting excessive tension in muscles. Once restrictions in the body are released, the tape helps you improve movement patterns and reinforce them to not only reduce pain but improved efficiency of movement.  LeukoTape® is a sports and rehabilitation taping technique that helps to maintain proper joint alignment and decrease excessive muscle loading.