My wife and I received wonderful care from Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Adam. They treated our injuries with great competence and compassion. We are now fully recovered from a broken elbow and damaged ribs. The front office staff: Sara, Julie and Carly were always professional and friendly. We love Element Wellness.
— Steve and Linda Elliott

I can’t imagine a better physical therapist than Stephanie!! I’ve been to several over the years, but never anyone so thoughtful and attentive to my needs as Stephanie. I broke my patella last year and saw Stephanie for 7 months as I was recovering. The hands-on work she did with me, the exercises she created, specifically tailored to my needs, and the cues she gave me to help me master those exercises have been so successful. My legs are stronger than they ever were, and my knees, now healed from the break, hurt less than they have in years.
— Carol Levine

Cristiana has made a major impact on my life. She dedicates each appointment to fit her patients needs by reducing pain, making daily tasks easier, and explaining what you can do to help yourself outside of physical therapy. Cristiana truly cares about her patients and works hard to help them. Her skills and expertise are undeniable. By explaining her work she shows you the benefit and the positive difference of her craft. Most importantly she shows you how to relieve pain and progress in your treatment outside of each appointment. Her knowledge, style, and passion are what have made Cristiana not only an effective physical therapist, but a great one.
— Katie Landers

Cristiana is an outstanding physical therapist. She is able to quickly check-in to see how you are feeling & evaluate in order to identify the key area/areas that need attention to capitalize on the appointment. Her understanding of the human anatomy gives her the ability to easily & effectively communicate and demonstrate the necessary exercises for maximum success. The support staff at Element Wellness is both efficient & pleasant making the overall experience a 10.
— Carol Landers

The staff at Element Wellness & Sports Rehab consistently provide the best chiropractic and PT services anywhere. I also appreciate the competency and friendly professionalism of the front office staff. Dr. Goodwill’s team is the finest that I’ve ever experienced. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for quality treatment.
— Fiona R.

I have been seeing Chris Goodwill, PT for physical therapy on and off for approximately 15 years for various injuries and musculoskeletal issues. In addition, I have also referred many patients to Chris over the years, and they have always had outstanding results.

As a physician, I respect both her diagnostic and therapeutic skills, which she uses to figure out what is causing a patient’s pain, and then devises an individualized treatment plan. She is equally skilled in treating acute, subacute, and chronic injuries.

Chris is highly skilled in treating myofascial pain. She has an uncanny sense of touch, and this allows her to detect and treat myofascial dysfunction. This is a skill that not too many physical therapists possess. In addition, Chris is an excellent listener, and has a warm bedside manner. I highly recommend Chris Goodwill.
— Thomas Harvey, M.D.

Dr. Adam Dew is a wonderful chiropractor and offers many services. My whole family, including our two sons ages 9 & 12 years old, see him for help for recent injuries or chronic issues. Within a few sessions he has us pain free and he teaches us exercises to maintain functional movement at home. Dr. Dew is a great listener, healer and teacher. We highly recommend Dr. Dew for whatever your needs may be.