Visceral manipulation is a method of treating your internal organs and the tissues connected to them. Using the Barral Institute technique of assessment allows our therapists to evaluate and treat your body in a way that is gentle and congruent with your individual needs.

Organs, like all cells in your body, need to be able to move freely and in coordination with their neighbors. Unfortunately, different circumstances such as diseases, scar tissue, and trauma can create restrictions around our organs, causing them to have decreased mobility difficulty operating at optimal levels. Symptoms or organ dysfunction can be apparent, such as: constipation, heartburn, abdominal/pelvic pain, or hormone imbalance. However, organ restrictions can be less obvious when they produce symptoms far removed from the source, such as: shoulder pain, back aches, or neck stiffness. It is not uncommon for people to have orthopedic problems that do not resolve with typical physical therapy, only to find out that the restriction was related to an organ the entire time.

Visceral manipulation helps to release these tissue restrictions and restore the mobility in organs that have been affected. The gentle approach applied using the Barral technique also teaches your body how to maintain the new motion for long lasting results.