Use of Kinesio® Taping can facilitate your body’s somatosensory nervous system and circulatory system while providing support and stability to your muscles and joints, all without restricting your body’s natural range of motion. Applying tape following your treatment can prolong the benefits of the therapy administered by your chiropractor or physical therapy beyond your time in the clinic.  Depending on the application method, Kinesio Taping can help you engage a muscle more easily or help create an environment that allows a muscle in spasm to relax.  Taping can also help alleviate pain and facilitate lymphatic drainage (to decrease swelling) by lifting the skin microscopically. This lifting affect allows for a decrease in inflammation of the affected areas by creating convolutions under the skin that allows your interstitial fluid to flow through more easily. 

You can wear kinesiology tape without any movement disruption or constriction of the skin.  When applied following your treatment session and in conjunction with corrective exercises, K-Tape can promote accelerated healing and higher activity performance.  You can wear your tape for several days as it continues to deliver positive effects.