Pregnancy is an exciting journey. Our pelvic floor specialists are dedicated to helping women enjoy the healthiest pregnancy possible following guidelines from the American Congress of Obstetricians & Gynecologists and the American Physical Therapy Association guidelines. As a wellness client, you will have ongoing strength training during pregnancy and work on building a strong core as your belly grows. You will also learn how to correctly engage and release the pelvic floor, achieve quicker healing post delivery, and develop a sense of empowerment and control throughout each trimester.


Benefits of the Program

  • Our clients push for 15-30 minutes on average, reducing pushing times by over half
  • Over 50% less chance of loose skin or stretch marks post birth
  • Less back and pelvic pain
  • Decrease your chances of medical intervention by 55%
  • Prepare your body and mind for the marathon of labor and delivery

Our Center Program Includes


Labor Training

  • Safe, yet physically demanding exercises, along with mental imagery to challenge and prepare for labor and birth

Belly Pumping

  • Diaphragmatic breathing with deep core and pelvic floor engagement to keep abdominal muscles strong as the belly grows

Stabilization Training

  • Learn pelvic tilts and Kegels to help decrease and relieve back pain

Functional Training

  • Training of the 7 primal movements to keep your body balanced, pain free and strong during pregnancy, and prepare you for taking care of yourself and your baby after delivery

Meet Dr. Christina Trautman, DPT


Dr. Trautman has been treating and aiding women with pelvic floor dysfunction for 7 years. Dr. Trautman is certified as a Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist, and earned a certification through Herman and Wallace pelvic floor training. She specializes in pain syndromes, pregnancy, and post-partum care, organ prolapse, incontinence and how to restore balance in pelvic floor. Dr. Trautman's primary focus is on holistic care with a gentle approach to treating the pelvic and structures within the body that can alter mechanics of the pelvic floor. She specializes in treating the pregnancy and post-partum client with the goals of building strength in pelvic floor and core, endurance training for labor, learning proper body mechanics as a new mom and learning a sense of empowerment and control through each trimester.